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Hola! I'm Marta.

I am a primary school teacher, artist and mum. I am from Barcelona but I lived in Melbourne for many years, where I developed and taught a "Spanish through Art" CLIL program combining my passion for teaching languages with my love of art. After moving back to Barcelona, I adapted the units to teach "English through Art", an experience that allowed me to test the flexibility and relevance of my CLIL projects in a different context. I have written about my projects and experiences in the CLIL classroom hoping to inspire and support other CLIL teachers.

Outside of school I am an illustrator, designer, ceramicist and all-round crafter. I am inspired by Australia's endemic flora and fauna and the unique perspective that children bring to art. I am currently working on illustrating a childrens' book and I am also looking for a publisher for my book Teaching Languages through Visual Art. If you are interested or just want to say hi, I would love to hear from you! 

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